Softswiss Powered Jubise Online Casino Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Posted on July 21, 2016 by Denise Marie

Online gamblers who have an account with SoftSwiss powered Jubise Casino were taken by surprise when the casino announced that it had shut down and moved all their accounts and details, without their consent, to TTR Casino.


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About Jubise Casino Closure

The fact that customers’ info was transferred without warning or consent is in blatant contrast with industry standards and despite the fact that members were notified about the closure of the online casino, the casino still appears to be up and running.

According to the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) customers at Jubise Online Casino received the following notification of the change. It was quite badly written and only received after the changes were made.

“Hello dear player! We want to inform you that your account was transfered to It is new brand, which are compeltely awesome and boost our operation on completely new level.

More than this, you will be able to get First Deposit Bonus at TTR casino again.

Your login details are same for TTR casino, all balances are also transferred. Just login in your account and enjoy brand new casino!

Thank you very much”

TTR Casino is a Russian language online casino that is also powered by SoftSwiss.

Both players as well as affiliates are still trying to guess what will happen next as they were not formally informed how the transaction process will unfold. Being eligible for the TTR Casino new player bonus is no consolation for those players affected by the closure.

The procedure taken by Jubise Casino is definitely not a professional way to conduct business. A professional casino is required to notify players and affiliates in advance and ask them if they consent to having their info moved.